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[Campaign Journal] Sword, Sorcery and Minarets #12

szombat, december 29th, 2012

by Gabor Lux
A Holy Quest

The mountain trail, now very familiar, wound below steep cliffs and crossed impossibly steep gorges which lead down to the plainlands.
 “This is the spot where we recovered our equipment.”
“Yeah, I can see a horse skeleton down there. Shall we rest?”
“No, and if Sohrab has half a brain, he has spotted us this time. If we can’t find a way to get off this road, he will overtake us before morning.”
“What about the girl? Untie her?”
“No way! She is still under the Khan’s magic, or more likely already half a vampire. We shall take her to the Citadel of the She-Sultan, and see if Karttekeza’s priests can help her.”
Marasura was leading the group, looking for a mountain trail that would allow them to escape from this meandering path. At last, he found a very dubious goat trail that seemed to descend to the valley. It was unfit for both horses and men, but they took the opportunity, dismounting and leading the steeds step by step towards a rocky ravine. It was a tortuous and very slow process clambering down large rocks and finding the path, but ultimately, they were on the bottom, bruised and tired but all intact.

[Campaign Journal] Sword, Sorcery and Minarets #11

hétfő, december 24th, 2012

by Gabor Lux
The Saviours

After a long hike up the mountain trail, the characters were once again standing before Sohrab Khan’s keep. In the sunlight, it looked smaller and less menacing. Burzasp, under invisibility, snuck in to see if anyone was in. The passages were deserted, and everything lay as it had been left last time. Still, not missing an opportunity to explore the so far unpenetrated donjon, they headed for the room north of the dining hall, where the iron statue of a tiger stood watch over stairs going up to a second floor gallery.
“This old stuff looks dangerous, ready to collapse.” – said Santiago.
Not trusting the stairs (which were just in the way of the tiger), Vifranavaz threw a grappling hook up on the banister and climbed – to come back crashing down as the ancient woodwork collapsed under his weight.
“It is safe now that Vifranavaz has found the weak spot.” – Burzasp took aim with the grappling hook, and climbed, pulling down another section of the venerable construction in a shower of broken wood and dust.

The third time was lucky, though, as the rope held on what remained of the gallery. Looking around, and defeating a glowing-eyed undead sentinel who lay in wait with a scimitar, they emerged first on a terrace overlooking the surrounding lands. North of the pass, in the dust bowl, a procession of riders were coming towards Birtham – Sohrab Khan, returning from his fruitless hunt with his retinue. Another door lead to an abandoned suite, where there was little more than a few books (Zer Arnaz the Woman of the Sky; The Armies of Kahtoslan), and a handful of small semi-precious stones in a brass gridwork. The rest of the donjon proved even more vacant. They descended back down to the gallery, then down the stairs. There was a huge whoosh coming from the direction of the tiger statue, and the space before it, dry wood and all, was engulfed in a gust of flames. The rest of the gallery fell with a tremendous crash, blocking the double doors back to the dining hall.

[Campaign Journal] Sword, Sorcery and Minarets #10

vasárnap, december 2nd, 2012

by Gabor Lux
The Infiltrators

 “And so, we have provoked the siege of the fortress of Birtham.” – said Marasura.
“Well pardon me! Sequentiality does not imply causality! We will present the story differently.” – responded Burzasp.
“We have seen the lady – and this is the story we will be telling.” – Santiago concluded.
Under the shadows of the great tree in the courtyard of the Citadel of the She-Sultan, Surgat the Weapon Master regarded the company with interest. Sohrab Khan dead yet alive? An army of skeletons and wraith-riders risen against the frontier fort? Gulafshan Zer alive and well, but with the khan? And she has a strange look to her? At last, he spoke:
“You have done very well, and I do not wish to place a yet harder task upon you. The valiant heroes of the Citadel will handle this – all I ask of you is to bring news of this development to the City.”
However, everyone was adamant that they wanted to offer further help. Surgat nodded and ordered his underlings to bring them their rewards for the task already accomplished: 400 gp, a holy symbol of Karttekeza (which Santiago hung around his neck), two ancient and dusty vials filled with holy water, two healing potions, a magical scroll with Dispel Paralysis, and three doses of hydrocreator dust.