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Szipolyok Yukumban

szombat, március 17th, 2012

írta: Gyimóthy Kartal Énok

20 oldal, kalandmodul 3–4. szintű kalandozók számára

Yukum romvárosának látogatói többnyire kíváncsi kalandorok, akiket misztikus kincsek hírei vonzanak ide, és kalózok, akik számára a soraikat megritkító eltűnések ellenére nincs is jobb hely törvénytelen alkuik megkötésére. Most viszont az a hír járja, hogy a romok között élő titokzatos, intelligens faj egyre szaporodik… A romos palota sötéten ásító ablakai mögötti termekben, és kanyargó földalatti járatokban egy gonosz elme szövi világhódító terveit.

Szipolyok Yukumban — letöltés (4,2 MB PDF)
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[Campaign Journal] Sword, Sorcery and Minarets #04

szombat, március 3rd, 2012

by Kalman Farago
An excursion

As we were discussing our next move — we intended to leave the City of Vultures behind for a while, at least until the disarray over Khojar Mirza’s death and the slaughter of a patrol settles down –, we spotted a mighty army heading for the city. While the others chose to remain hidden behind the hills, Burzasp and Ambrosius went and, pretending to be travellers of no importance, took a closer look. They learned it was the army of Lord Khair Rabani Daneeshwar, returning to the city after collecting taxes from the nearby town of Avendar. They also received information about two travellers accompanying the army, who were recently rescued from a sandstorm and who were looking to join up with likeminded fellow spirits. These two — Marasura Aamir Nazar and Yar-Shalah by name — were taken back to the others for introductions, and they decided to travel with the rest of us for a while. Yar-Shalah was a nondescript traveller in a ragged, torn burnous, armed with spear, scimitar and composite longbow; the other also seemed to be a drifter, lean and muscular. Both had been waylaid by the robbers of one Razi Yazeb, who had let them go without much harm, but left them to the mercy of the elements.

“And this terrible sandstorm we got trapped in, it tore the bone and skin from the meat… I mean, it tore the bone and the meat from… no, wait.. the skin and the meat…”

[Campaign Journal] Sword, Sorcery and Minarets #03

szombat, március 3rd, 2012

by Kalman Farago
Terrorist bastards

The next day, we considered our options. Returning to the astrologer Chandir Lakh for more information was quickly rejected: for a few coins, Burzasp learned from a beggar that many soldiers have entered the astrologer’s house earlier and have never left. It was clear that visiting him was a bad idea in the first place: after meeting with us, he must have informed some local potentate, and now there was an ambush set up for us to walk into. Also, we’ve caught someone eavesdropping on our room: as we were discussing our affairs, Santiago became aware of someone breathing. He ran outside, just to see a figure bolt from the gallery and across the common room. After a brief pursuit, and a bit of a scuffle, the man was apprehended: a bow-legged nomad with long moustaches, his lips red from chewing seaweed. Going for the quickest solution, Muzafar cast a Charm spell, but the captive only laughed in his face, telling him he would never talk. After the fruitless interrogation, we let him go and unsuccessfully tried to shadow him in order to find his employer, but he was slippery and quick, disappearing from view soon.