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[Campaign Journal] Sword, Sorcery and Rayguns #11

csütörtök, szeptember 29th, 2011

by Kalman Farago


[Note: references are made to a place called Exillion, and a number of things encountered therein. This happened before I started writing this journal. For a basic idea, read Melan's adventure module Systema Tartarobasis, available as a free download from]

We’re standing on a small mound, surrounded by the tall, densely huddled buildings of a city. The walls are scorched, many structures are partially or entirely collapsed, and everywhere we see luminous discolourations of the rocky ground. In all directions, the city is surrounded by tall pillars and fields of energy coursing between them. In one direction, there’s a hill with some sort of citadel on it about a kilometer off. Barely ten yards away from us we spy a small group of toga-wearing people staring back at us in surprise.

Once we assure them of our friendly intentions, they calm down but remain curious.We explain we were transported here by some magical accident. They don’t seem to understand the concept of magic, but they seem to accept the accident part. The most talkative of the group is a young man called Akakhios. The rest include Demostratos, a spear-wielding local soldier, two young ladies, one of whom is called Eunikhe, and a black-togaed man called Diokles.

[Campaign Journal] Sword, Sorcery and Rayguns #10

kedd, szeptember 27th, 2011

by Kalman Farago
Cloak and Dagger in Khonón

So, we last left our characters („heroes” not really the right word) in Khonón, pondering the strange goings-on. Before returning to our ship for the night, we looked around in the inns of the Outer City, asking if anyone’s seen Licar’s „double”. Nobody did, but Gwyddion learned that one of the warships of the city had left harbour on an unknown errand, and he also met two merchants from the distant southern lands ruled by the god Ishab-Lambar, who seemed interested in the giant amphibious octopus amber-gris Gwyddion collected on their journey; and agreed to check it out the next day. However, the next day brought some surprises.

In the darkness before dawn, our sentry on duty suddenly heard the slow, quiet „splosh splosh” of oars in the waters, immediately followed by the whistle of something flying through the air and then the huge detonation of two Fireballs as one of the northern areas of the dockside bloomed into flames. In moments, the whole town was up and abuzz, but a heavy detachment of guards showed up, locking down the harbour — with us in it. Licar turned invisible, flew over to the area and saw one of Khonón’s war galleys closing with the burning Medeia, the pirate ship formerly captained by our departed friend Melkar. (Brief reminder: it was Gwyddion who had tipped off the local authorities the day before, without his companions’ knowledge. I figured this would either put pressure on the pirates to skip town and join us on our dragonhunt, or it might get us some reward from the city. Either way, we’d come out ahead.) Once most of the fighting was over, Licar ventured inside the ship, seeing dead and bleeding people everywhere, and returned to us with a fancy robe for himself and a large box of money taken from the captain’s room before the city guard could search it.

A Princípium Nevében!

szombat, szeptember 17th, 2011

írta: Lux Gábor

16 oldal, kalandmodul 5–7. szintű kalandozók számára.

A Szolón szerinti időszámítás 3995. év nyarának végéhez közeledve az **Arx** Legfelsőbb Szinódusa #3775 számmal sorszámozva szűkszavú közleményt adott ki:
*** *** *** A Princípium nevében! Az **Arx** ezennel megállapítja, hogy Megakrátész, Akrászia ura alapvető filozófiai elveket hágott át városa kormányzása során, és tévelygéseit többszöri határozott felszólítás után sem volt hajlandó korrigálni. Ezért az **Arx** Legfelsőbb Szinódusa Megakrátészre és megátalkodott bűnbandájára tizenegy igen és tíz nem szavazat alapján HALÁLOS ítéletet szabott ki, valamint további rendelkezések meghozataláig elrendelte Megakrátész mindennemű ingó és ingatlan vagyonának, így Akrászia városának lefoglalását és zár alá helyezését. Az ítélet végleges és azonnal végrehajtandó. Az intézkedések mielőbbi és hatékony foganatosítása érdekében az **Arx** megfelelően kiképzett szakértőkből álló delegációt küldött Akrászia városába. *** *** ***
Nem sokkal később válogatott lovakon egy kisebb csapat hagyta el Propyla városát. A lovasok a Délión felé vezető forgalmas kereskedőútról letérő, kisebb forgalmú útvonalon délnyugatnak, Akrászia városának fordultak.

A Véletlen Találkozások I. szerepjátékos találkozón lejátszott kalandmodul Akrászia városának leírásával kiegészített, a versenyen használt példakaraktereket és futurisztikus eszközöket is tartalmazó kiadása.

A Princípium Nevében! — letöltés (3,5 MB PDF)
Példakarakterek és más kiegészítők (3,5 MB PDF)
Kommentek (LFG.HU)

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szerda, szeptember 14th, 2011

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[Campaign Journal] Sword, Sorcery and Rayguns #09

szerda, szeptember 14th, 2011

by Kalman Farago
Dead Man Walking, or The Plot Thickens, or <^(#, how could I miss three saves in a row?!

After freeing the captive souls in the last session, the party set sail to the next island. (Note: only myself and Licar’s player were there, so everyone else was “guarding the boat” for pretty much all session.) It was a forested island with small clusters of decayed ruins and two slightly larger sites. At the first, we found a wide and deep pool under a large corroded metal pavilion, with a stone platform extending above the pool. Checking with rope and a tied stone revealed the pool to be about 100 feet deep — a good thing I always equip my characters with two coils of rope. Though the water was kept relatively clear, likely by some underwater tunnel connecting it to the ocean, it was way too deep to see anything down there, even with a light spell. Earlier we spotted some stone carving of a strange, upright lobster creature, and Gwyddion got the idea that maybe something like that lives in the pool — possibly fed by sacrifices thrown from the platform –, that might be fished out for fun, experience and treasure; but fishing attempts with a rope, grappling hook and some rations proved unproductive, so the two of us move on to the second sight, which turn out to be a similar pool, but instead of a platform there was only the wafting scent of some heavy perfume — but I’m getting ahead of myself. As we were heading there, you see, we heard some slithering in the dense forest right outside the circle of ruins. We took up a position on a small pile of rubble, and out slithered from the undergrowth a terrible cthulhoid entity. Aye, it was a pitch black mass the size of an ox, with two golden yellow eyes burning in malevolence as it slithered towards us, its eight mighty tentacle undulating and a wicked beak emerging from the mass of it cephalopodic body. A terrible Amphibious Octopus, but the fight was short and furious, magic and steel bringing it down in a few moments, but not before its beak punctured throught Gwyddion’s enchanted plate several times. Since it was obviously this beast that was oozing the heady perfume, Gwyddion cut it out and removed some sort of sperm gland which we’ll hopefully sell in town for a nice prize (which we later forgot to do, so here’s a reminder to myself: sell the thing next time we play).

[Campaign Journal] Sword, Sorcery and Rayguns #08

vasárnap, szeptember 11th, 2011

by Kalman Farago
The Isle of Abenkhan

The Isle of Abenkhan

We sailed on to the second pair of islands, one covered by forests with some old ruins visible, the other barren and dominated by the remains of an ancient city; and made landfall on the second. Headed for the piers of the old ruins we spotted a small boat already docked, and a single tanned Northerner looking at us. Feeling gregarious, we quickly introduced ourselves to the fellow treasure-seeker (for what else could he have been), who was calling himself Banipal, and decided to join forces (in other words, a new player joined us).

Exploring among large piles of rubble and a few buildings still standing — the largest being a domed structure and an annexed tower — we spotted a white-clad figure rushing to cover behind some pillars. We called out to him while our new friend circled around. He saw a swarthy man in white robes and turban, carrying a flail and wearing a peculiar moon-and-star amulet, signaling to some eight others behind the rubble. Showing a great deal of initiative but perhaps not much diplomatic skill, he rushed and stabbed the man, cutting our way out for us with these people. The group advanced on us but they were unarmoured and poorly trained, and our blades and spells made short work of them, leaving a few alive as prisoners. Much to our chagrin, Licar came up with some hair-brained idea on making one of them speak. It involved Tyraxus’ charmed henchman Stanos pretending to be a captured outsider, Licar disguising himself with an illusion as a fellow turban-wearer who became brainwashed by our — that is, the “invaders’” — magic, then… ???… profit! The attempt ended up as a groan-worthy failure as the three of them engaged in fisticuffs while we were out of sight and thus unable to assist.

[Campaign Journal] Sword, Sorcery and Rayguns #07

péntek, szeptember 9th, 2011

by Kalman Farago
Serious in-character asshattery

We set sail from the island of Diaphane on the small boat that miraculously appeared. After a brief debate, we decided to head back to Khonón and hoped Licar can negotiate a rescheduling of payments to Temple of Fedafuce, who sponsored our ill-fated expedition to Immah Wel; but only after checking out the last two unexplored islands in the immediate vicinity.

We made for the western one, a narrow, long, jungle-covered island with white cliffs at the northern end near our landing site. Zaxtaros stayed behind to guard the boat (his player absent), while the rest of us set to climb the cliff and get a good overview of the land. We quickly noticed that the jungle was teeming with life, but there were no carnivores at all. Some rustling alerted us; Gwyddion raised a pilum and his aim was true, eliciting a painful “EEEEEK” scream. The wild pig was quickly butchered, and we took the better parts for roasting later.

[Campaign Journal] Sword, Sorcery and Rayguns #06

péntek, szeptember 2nd, 2011

by Kalman Farago
‘When did Uthummaos’ champion become a goody-two-shoes?’

This will be the story of two sessions.

We fled the island of the Tragos with the aid of Fly spells, the wizards carrying the rest, heading towards an unknown island off the horizon, hoping the spells would last long enough. On the way, we passed a rickety raft with a single man chained to its planks. After we helped him out of his predicament, he introduced himself as Melkar, the Tiger of the Seas, a famous pirate captain we’ve never heard of, abandoned by his treacherous crew (it was the return of a player to the campaign after a year spent in China).

We made it to the island, and Tyraxus Targ, his player being absent, decided to stay behind on the shore and guard the three planks we glorified as a ‘raft’. The island had to promontories, with a buidling visible on top of the northeastern one, and a valley between the two (at least this was all we could see from the east). We split up for a short while, combing the immediate area for freshwater and food. While most people were looking for water in a nearby small ravine, one of us — Zaxtaros, as I recall –, headed up the northern promontory, and found some curious stone pillars standing around in long lines. Well, “finding” meaning “almost got crushed by, as one fell down from a higher ledge with uncanny timing”. To his terror, familiar shapes emerged from the shattered debris: the outlines of human limbs and a broken spine; and just when he veered closer to another one, he felt a strange pressure on his mind. Unnerved, he turned around and ran after the rest of us. We went to investigate the statues as well, Gwyddion deliberately stepping closer to a pillar to establish telepathic contact with it. A brief exchange ensued, during which we learned that this place was “the prison of Diaphane, goddess of the island”; but then the mental attacks started anew, and we retreated.